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Solar Energy --> Polysilicon - (PTC)

Silicon is a gray, brittle, non-metallic element occurring abundantly in nature. Next to oxygen it is the chief elementary constituent of the earth's crust. Silicon is found in various compounds both in nature and in industry. In nature, you find it in quartz, jasper, common beach sand, and many other common rocks and materials. In industry, we find it as the main component in most common building materials such as cement, bricks, glass and others.

Perhaps one of the most important uses for silicon is its ability to conduct electricity in a very controlled manner, relative to how many impurities are placed into its crystal structure. Simply, the more impurities in the crystal lattice of silicon the more it will conduct electricity.

Polysilicon, also called Polycrystalline silicon, is a material consisting of many small silicon crystals. It is the key ingredient used in semiconductors for electronics and solar industries. In solar cells, Polysilicon represents over half the cost of PV panel production.

Solar Energy is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar radiation into energy. There are two ways of converting solar radiation into electric energy:

1. Photovoltaics (PV):
In certain materials, absorbed light is directly converted into direct current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect.

2. Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST):
Here, direct light is focused into one point in order to heat a liquid. The heat is subsequently used to drive a generator similar to a conventional power station.

CDC and its affiliates' strategy is focused on investing in the PV value chain: Polysilicon Technology Company (PTC) for the upstream and Mutajadedah Energy Company (MEC) for future downstream. Both PTC and MEC are local entities, established in partnership with other international and local groups to serve such a purpose in Saudi Arabia.

PTC is a local Saudi venture company jointly owned by KCC Corporation (www.kccworld.co.kr) of Korea (KCC), leading manufacturer of industrial paints, building materials, glass, silicone materials, fine chemicals and polysilicon.

PTC's main purpose is to build, operate and run a 3,000 tons/year high purity solar grade polysilicon in Jubail Industrial City using the Hydrochlorination - Siemens process. Construction and detailed engineering work have already started with commercial operation targeting end 2013 as the first phase.

Two phases to expand and down-integrate this plant will follow thereafter.

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