About Us

CDC in Brief

CDC is a Saudi closed joint stock company established on 02/08/2007 and headquartered in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Since its inception in late 2007, CDC have came across tremendous challenges, created excellences, added value and positioned itself very carefully to take advantage of the upcoming market upturn in this decade. During the past two years, the global market recession impacted the global economy and negatively affected local growth across the country. In spite of that, CDC maintained its gradual progress, focus and momentum which resulted in the success of two major projects, one of which is due to start commissioning in Jubail and the other currently in the final planning phase in Jubail. One affiliate was formed to run and operate these two major investments, i.e. Mutajadedah Energy company of which CDC have a direct management role.

CDC is building a very unique and specialized portfolio to establish a new bench market in the local Saudi industry in order to clearly distinguish itself from conventional local players. The world technology is advancing rabidly and new way and means of doing business and new sectors are becoming essential for our investors to consider. Renewable, solar energy, semiconductor, specialty chemical, and electromechanically and chemical industries are the future of mankind - new energy sources, new metal and new material applications are CDC's main vision.